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Culinary and Leadership Academy Summer Masterclass
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What is your race (check all that apply)? What is your race (check all that apply)?
Which of the following people are supporting you right now?
Mental health diagnosis?
Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?
Personal/Familly Income
Do you or you family receive any of the benefits below:
Are you currently in or recently aged out of foster care?
Are you currently attending school?
Type of School/Institution:
Do you current have any of the following?
Are you currently seeking employment opportunites?
If choosen for the program, can you commit to 6 weeks of training twice a week?
Can you provide documents to verify employment eligibilty? (Social Security Card or Passport and State Issued ID)
Have you ever worked in the food service industry?
How would you rate your cooking skills?
Select an your preferred session
Select an your preferred session

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